An African American taxi bike driver said to his friend “it’s like I say, either it’ll wake me up, or it’ll put me to sleep” as I strolled past the two perched on a stone wall in Central Park today. Maybe New York makes me too metaphorical- or being on holidays leaves me with too much free time to think- but I took this line to heart. What we choose to do in life, does either make us wake up- to our life, our relationships, or ourselves- or it numbs us into a dull, repetitive nothingness.

Who knew you could gain so much insight from a stranger in a park?

I booked the tickets. I was sick of making excuses. I was sick of saying, “just wait until you finish uni… Just wait until you have time off work… Just wait until you’ve saved more money”. Because all those excuses are bullshit. If I want to do something, there is no external factor that can stop me. It’s only myself that can stop me. So I booked the tickets. I’m heading to New York tomorrow morning, and then Canada. It’s amazing how if you just do it, count to three, exhale, and click confirm to the thousands of dollars exiting your bank account, then that becomes your main priority and everything else is forced to conform. 

I like adventure. I like spontaneity. And all those who are jealous, or who are rude, or who question my funds like I don’t deserve to have the money to travel. Go do something for yourself too. Just do it. Book it. Live it. 

New York City is my favourite place in the world and I can’t wait to step foot onto the clean pavement of the city that never sleeps tomorrow afternoon. 


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